In 2005 new "Working at Height" regulations came into play which brought into question the safety of using ladders for cleaning windows.

In line with these regulation, water fed poles became an alternative method which could often be used to avoid the risk of working on a ladder.

In March 2006 the HSE made the following comments during a seminar at the Windex trade show:

  • The health and safety executive recognizes that it is unrealistic to expect every window cleaner to adopt new working practices overnight and also accepts that the indusrty accident record is low and is anticipating a period of transition to allow the industry to settle into the adoption of any new working methods needed to comply with the new regulations.

  • During this period the HSE will expect all window cleaners to consider the safety benefits of using alternatives to ladders and plan to change their work practices where possible.

For this reason we now use the water fed pole system as our primary method of window cleaning.

What are the results like?

Squirting water on to a window may not sound like a convincing way of cleaning windows. On top of that the thought of using no cleaning chemicals or detergents may make you wander what the result will be.

However, the facts prove that when used properly the results far exceed that of traditional window cleaning and the end product is excellent.

The water is purified through a 5 stage process taking everything out of it and leaving it to be 100% pure. The brush cleans the window, frame and sill, loosening the dirt, then the water rinses the dirt off and because it is pure it dries flawless.